Recommended for continuous use, small packing size, handheld unit,  approximate weight is only 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.), power supply: 3 ea. D-size standard or rechargeable (NiMH) batteries, slim search head. Detection signal via: visual by LED bar-graph, audio signal by built-in loudspeaker or headset, vibration. Can also be operated with: UXO search head (30 cm diameter), UXO search head (60 cm diameter), stick probe. Special firmware for optimized detection of submunition upon request (see VMXC1).
NSN: 6665-12-368-0519

VMH3CS TWO-PIECE METAL DETECTOR is a two piece metal detector designed to meet the very specific needs of the mine clearance professionals in military and humanitarian demining scenarios. Its mechanical design ensures a comfortable use on a daily routine basis. VMH3CS is especially recommended in areas with severe laterite conditions or single mineralized stones. The modern DMPI technology (Digital Magnetic Pulse Induction), and the cable free design is the logical result from close cooperation with military, humanitarian and commercial mine clearance personnel. The operating length of the VMH3CS can be adjusted during operation in just a few seconds. The extreme short length for prone position meets the special requirements of the professional deminers all over the world.

VMH3CS TWO-PIECE METAL DETECTOR has been designed specifically for use in the most challenging military and humanitarian demining operations.

Operates with: slim search head, UXO search head, stick probe. Ultrahigh sensitivity. Pinpoint mode. Highly effective automatic ground compensation. Metal alarm: audio, visual and vibration. Length continuously adjustable. Input for firmware upgrade. UXO firmware available.

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