The TRUNKBUSTER III™ TACTICAL DISRUPTER is comprised of one deployable case that contains three plastic pipes lying side-by-side. Each plastic pipe consists of a central cylinder for filling with FIXOR MP™ Binary Explosive (included) and an outer container for filling with water. A fully adjustable Detonator Adapter is provided to securely hold a detonator or detonation cord in place (detonator or detonation cord not included).

TRUNKBUSTER III™ TACTICAL DISRUPTER is an attractive and effective alternative to the use of old traditional “boot banger” or “trunk trasher” disrupters that require the supply, preparation and loading of military or civilian grade explosives and relatively large quantities of water. The TRUNKBUSTER III™ TACTICAL DISRUPTER is deployed under or on the side of a vehicle to disrupt, neutralize and eject a terrorist device with water without causing sympathetic detonation.

Pre-measured, pourable binary explosive core load provided – no need for additional explosives. Non-explosive for transport and storage. Flexible shipping worldwide by FedEx, air cargo, truck freight and ocean freight. Significantly less water required than similar disrupters. Becomes a safe reliable, tactical disrupter instantly when loaded. Fully deployable packaging that is ready for detonator or detonation cord insertion. 100% metal free. It is so easy to use that there is negligible Operator skill fade with time.

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