For detection of metal and metal-free mines and IEDs, search head with metal detector (EMI), and ground penetrating radar (GPR), easy operation, handheld unit, approximate weight is only 4.2 kg (9.3 lbs.), power supply: rechargeable lithium polymer cells, or 4 D-size standard or rechargeable (NiMH) batteries in special battery holder. Detection signal via: visual on graphic display, audio signal by inbuilt loudspeaker or headset, vibration.

MINEHOUND VMR3G DUAL SENSOR IED DETECTOR WITH GRAPHIC DISPLAY is an advanced technology, combining leading-edge ground penetrating radar (GPR) and high-performance metal detector (MD). MINEHOUND VMR3G is characterized by its easy-to-read display and clear readings of: graphic view of the alarms detected by GPR and MD; graphic view of the GPR parameters; battery power level; sensitivity; language. simple to use, providing the operator with clear graphic audio signals to alert the presence of a potential mine threat. The MD function is the prime search capability and offers a highly sensitive technology to locate even minimum metal mines (such as PMA3 and M14). The GPR provides additional information on the objects in the ground. The GPR is a time-domain radar transmitting short pulses. A dedicated state of the art DSP processor controls the signal generation and processing functions as well as the display. The GPR detects even mines with minimum or zero metal content which are normally difficult to locate using metal detection techniques alone. This means that metallic clutter, which commonly cause false alarms such as bullet casings, small arms rounds and shrapnel, is rejected by the system.

MINEHOUND VMR3G DUAL SENSOR IED DETECTOR WITH GRAPHIC has been designed specifically for use in the most challenging military and humanitarian demining operations.

Comprising a metal detector (MD) and a ground penetrating radar (GPR). Metal-free mines and IEDs can also be detected. Ultrahigh sensitivity. Easy operation. Alarm: graphic display, audio signal, and vibration. Simultaneous operation of metal detector and GPR possible. Lightweight.

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